AQUATRUST Companies is committed to environmental excellence and, as a matter of longstanding policy, recognizes the importance of protecting the global ecosystem, reducing the use of natural resources and encouraging investment in ways that support responsible and sustainable development.

As inhabitants of this great planet we utilize natural resources, land, air, and water, almost without thinking, but these resources are not unlimited. The overall driver of human impact on Earth systems is the consumption of biophysical resources: we are not only depleting this capital for ourselves, we are taking them away from future generations. AQUATRUST Companies and its employees have made a commitment to create long-term positive environmental benefits and conserve natural resources, including minimizing energy and water consumption wherever possible.

The goal is to promote the overall well-being of humankind. AQUATRUST Companies are introducing products through harmless production methods that contribute to environmental and global sustainability organizations and beautify the planet as well as consumers. AQUATRUST Companies aspire to be an example in the industry and continue to integrate "Superiority & Dependability" into everything they do.

Besides its community action for human development AQUATRUST carries out a number of initiatives through its commitment to protecting the environment. AQUATRUST prides on Green programs because we believe that these programs are important for long-term health for our environment as well as opportunities to implement programs that help create a healthier bottom line. Being involved with groups like Global Green USA and EIF- Entertainment Industry Foundation, AQUATRUST commits to a "greener" environment.