Peau Fraiche Paris
Founded: 2005
Activities: Ultra luxury Skincare
North America Office:
8001 Irvine Center Drive
Suite 170
Irvine, Ca 92618

PEAU FRAICHE Paris has been created for women who want a radiant, healthy complexion, to deeply nourish skin, prevent signs of aging and repair damage. It is catering to regal, sophisticated, powerful women who enjoys the finer things and life and knows quality when she sees it.

Company overview

PEAU FRAICHE Paris a luxury skin care manufacturer in Paris since 2005, became a legend in the skincare as innovative as they were elegant and practical.

The flagship line, MER DE VIE, is comprised of a six-product skin care collection that has been infused with a rare Mediterranean botanical extract that has been prized for centuries by royals of ancient civilizations.

The signature MER DE VIE anti-aging face cream increases the skins natural collagen production with powerful peptides, while softening and nourishing delicate tissues, deeply revitalizing skin and revealing a fresh, youthful complexion.

Grown exclusively on a single Mediterranean island and available for harvest only twice each year, PEAU FRAICHE Paris is pleased to reintroduce MER DE VIE’s signature extract to the women who fill the shoes of today’s modern aristocracy.

Latest news

“Collection Mer de Vie”: an elixir like no other.

These rare formulations offer eleven benefits and features to target the unique needs of individual skin areas.

The entire Peau Fraiche brand has been custom formulated to deliver the most advanced skincare available. Now the harvest of rare luxury can be at every woman’s fingertips to combat the signs of aging.